“Tramps & Thieves take songwriting seriously but this doesn’t mean that the results are stiff or stodgy. Clearly, hooks matter but what matters most with ‘Galloping Hearts’ is honest emotion. They’ve said that they don’t give a hang about ‘looking the part’ or stage energy–although they certainly have these bases covered. The focus here is the songs, the songs, the songs and how well they are conveyed–throughout their 12 year history this has been the case but ‘Galloping Hearts’ shows this philosophy coming to fruition. Stylistically they are a rock and roll band with some country twang (there’s pedal steel guitar on 6 of these tunes). They love music. Mostly the music that used to be but they resist being painted into a corner: they are not a weekend cover band. There’s too many catchy and creative tunes here that they’d ever be mistaken for one. ‘Galloping Hearts’ is their best effort to date. It’s a guaranteed ‘like.'”


“Though each track on Perennials has a definitive personality, they combine into that infectious style of music-making that is singularly Tramps & Thieves.  May the sound endure and continue.”

–AZ Weekly Magazine

“Founded by singer/songwriters J. Scott Howard and Emmett DeGuvera, Tempe, Arizona’s Tramps & Thieves has the two troubadours trading spirited Southwestern melodies and sing-a-long choruses.”

–Miles of Music

“Tramps & Thieves seems ready to make waves outside Arizona with its guitar-fueled brand of twang.”

–The Arizona Republic