Tramps & Thieves, the tallest band in the Southwest, have been busy playing their hearts out, songwriting their fingers to the bone for the next CD, and making appearances at the Freedom Wireless Fabulous Phoenix 4th of July show, on Arizona Music Café, and at their favorite local haunts.  Check out the guys’ latest adventures and where you can catch them next:

The T&T fellows are readying for another big tour across our great land.  They’re launching their “We Can’t Stand The Heat So We’re Getting Out Of The Kitchen, And Arizona Too” tour in August with a local kickoff show at Last Exit on the 21st followed by a pair of shows in Jerome on the 22nd and 23rd.  From Arizona, the band will travel northeast a little to Colorado, due east to Nebraska, and then trek north and southeast and, eventually, swing back around to the Southwest.  Click here to find out when, exactly, the band will be playing at a venue near you.

mac_small Six years ago, T&T released a six-song EP gem called Mill Avenue Cowboys, featuring such live show staples as “Delta Blues” and “Next Time.”  If you procrastinated about purchasing the disc for, lo, these half-dozen years, or if the friends you’ve made and the family you’ve acquired since then are missing this hallmark from their Tramps’ collection, you’re in luck.  The band has just re-released Mill Avenue Cowboys for your listening pleasure.  Click here to order.

PerennialsThe latest Tramps offering features 10 songs that are the perfect representation of the band’s seamless blend of classic rock, country, and acoustic folk influenced by, among others, The Black Crowes, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and The Jayhawks. Click here to order a disc that you’ll listen to, well, perennially.
sex_drive_posterNow out on DVD, the teen comedy Sex Drive features Tramps & Thieves’ song “Porcupine Jacket” during the pivotal climactic scene.  Put the film on your Netflix queue, pop some popcorn, and sing along with the boys.  Click here to stream “Porcupine Jacket.”

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