Lyrics-Harlan’s Coming Home

Harlan’s Coming Home (Forgive Us)

Harlan’s coming home, dear Lord,
in a flag draped casket the TVs won’t show.
Harlan’s coming home, dear Lord,
Forgive us, forgive us.

Don’t sit on your hands, don’t fall asleep;
The men in charge are making a mess of our country.
Turning upside down all right and wrong,
for the love of money, war and Kingdom Come


I won’t be cheering when Fallujah falls
because I don’t understand why we’re there at all.
Now, I’m all for protecting our way of life
but I just don’t see good cause for good people dying.


You don’t preach the peace unless you live the peace.
You don’t do the devil’s work in the name of freedom.
A bitten tongue eventually’ll get sore,
so I ain’t going to bite on my tongue no more.


Harlan’s coming home,
Harlan’s coming home, dear Lord
Forgive us.